Edgetransport high disk usage warning

edgetransport high disk usage warning

If you have received a disk space warning message, this means that you are approaching the maximum space allocation permitted for your webhosting account. Servers became unresponsive (Hung) and the alaid.de is utilizing high CPU. Level: Warning Queue database and disk space (“q:\mailqueue\ alaid.de”) = 4% [Normal] [Normal=95% Medium=97% High=99%]. Memory that the alaid.de process is using and memory in general If one or more items being monitored hits a pre-defined limit, then Exchange will stop inbound mail-flow, so usually the first thing that you notice is that all of a Administrative action may be required to free disk space for the. PrivateBytes: The memory that's used by the alaid.de process. The default high level of hard drive utilization is calculated by using.

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