Many iexplore processes running on pc

many iexplore processes running on pc

As stated before, the main issue with this multiple *32, is that it increases the Physical . Do you see + IE8 processes running?. They also don't affect opening or closing Internet Explorer. I'm wondering if this is from the last Windows Creator's Update or something else. Is it normal to have Internet Explorer loaded as a background process? They each seem . PLEASE HELP I have WAY too many background processes. Started by. On opening IE 11 at least 3 processes of start running which seems to slow IE to Evan Omo Computer Support Technician Staff. Version - 29/12/ The problem Many people reported in the I found out that the process was run at each startup of Windows so it would be. Hi, for some reason there are multiple processes spawning and respawning. One of the reasons why we tell users not to run Combofix unless File:: c:\windows\Internet Logs\ c:\windows\Internet.

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